Sabtu, 13 Desember 2008

brief introduction in his birthday, by his son

born in 1951, young Muchlas lived as part of local farmers, in the beautiful village called ponorogo. without leaving his duty as a young farmer, he gaze his education without hesitated, reading school book while watching his cattle were one of his daily activites.

Finished his high school, young Muchlas decided to continue his study in capital city of east java, Surabaya. Working for living while studying in bachelor degrees temptated and made young Muchlas respect the time, and other peoples. Organization was one of his favorite things in university, from speaking voice for other student un-hear voice, to struggling for student rights, and leading student organization for better future.

finished his bachelor degrees in machine engineering didn't stop Muchlas hunger for education and information. Find his interest in eduction area, Muchlas took his Master and Phd in educational area, and finised in "Cum Laude". Again, those titles didn't stop him to study, and finally his given tittle of Proffesor for all his effort.

Beside those historical stories, Muchlas save his time to his beloved family member. Married to his junior in college named Dwijani Ratnadewi who gave birth to three children, Rizki Fitria, Reza Rahmadian, and Aldila Rahma Putri. Muchlas was really strict if talk about education and religion, not because he already achieved high education, but only for one reason, for their children greater future.

We as his children, even didn't know how to repay his sweat and care, or even we'll never can. Only wish and pray that we can give in this birthday celebration. No cakes, no candles, or no party didn't mean we forget about this special day, Dad. We have replace the cake with wishes and pray, we change the candle into our smile and voices, and we have the party in our hugs for you Dad.

we proud to be your son, not as proffesor son, or as a director son, but we proud to be our Dad son's. Selamat ulang tahun Pah, semoga panjang umurnya!!